The first step in building this organisation is perhaps to decide what its goals are. In doing this, the development of a charter seems a wise idea. This will of course be subject to revision and further additions etc.

These are some preliminary ideas that I have had. Perhaps they should later be divided into goals/objectives etc:

  • Promote, through an evidence based approach, the use of Nuclear Energy for Electricity Generation and other applications.

  • Gain media publicity, to bring attention to the fact that not all Environmentalists oppose Nuclear Energy.
  • Counter demonstrate at anti-Nuclear events.
  • Encourage the government to offer tax breaks to encourage the building of New Plants.
  • Lobby for a legal framework to ensure that a segregated Waste-Management and decommissioning fund is set up. This should be paid into by operators of facilities.
  • Fund research into future fuel cycles. This could again be funded by a segregated fund.
  • Lobby for construction of a geological repository, with retrievability as a key design feature.
  • Encourage a government/Industry enquiry into the possibility of extending the operating life times of current AGR and Sizewell B PWR plant.

I welcome all and any suggestions.