Anthropogenic Climate Change and Energy Security are two of the most pressing issues facing our society today. We at Environmentalists for Fission Energy believe that the use of Nuclear Power is a vital and indispensable tool in solving these issues, in the UK and the world.

The last Nuclear Power station to be built in the UK was Sizwell B, near Suffolk, which came online in 1995. Many of the older Nuclear Power plants are expected to be decommissioned in the next decade or so. Our primary objective is to encourage public support for these decommissioned facilities to be replaced with a ‘new build’ of modern plants.

We do not oppose the advancement of Renewable forms of energy, such as Wind, Solar, Biomass, Hydro and Tidal. However, we acknowledge that efforts to replace our dependency on fossil fuels with Renewable sources alone will be incredibly difficult. The Nuclear Option should not be discounted – all options should be considered.

In the past and currently, arguments in opposition to Nuclear Power have been based largely on four main ‘tenements’ – Safety, Waste, Proliferation, and Cost. Another objective of this blog will be to dispel myths regarding these issues.

It is the intention of the author(s) of this blog not to use inflammatory or emotionally charged language. Where possible, the facts and evidence alone will be presented. Wishful thinking should also be avoided.

We are not linked in anyway to any company or corporation, and receive no funding or support from the Nuclear Power industry.